We Turn Business Processes
Into System Solutions
edwardGalt Technologies retains seasoned professionals in the IT industry to deliver exceptional results without the burden of "becoming a software company". You convey your ideas and plans, and we'll help bring about a complete product built to your specifications. With over 20 years development experience in industries such as Legal, Paper, Automotive, Health, Telecommunications, Insurance, Procurement and Education - edwardGalt Technologies will prove to exceed your expectations.


Invest in new technology, or leverage your existing infrastructure - we'll explore as many options possible for the best return on investment and what will make your business productive and profitable.


Which way do you go? What technologies do you select? What's the best return for our money? There are so many decisions to make when moving towards streamlining and automating your processes. You have to make decisions on what technology to use. Will that technology work in your existing environment? Can you integrate with current systems to keep our costs down? You've already made an investment in technology, how do you use what you currently have? What will allow you to process business more efficiently?

It's All About Process, People and Profits!

PROCESS - When building a new or upgrading your current system you need to understand how your business process will work within the system. It's not about you getting the system to work, it's about getting the system to work for you! Companies can become overwhelmed with technology, most of the time failing in creating and defining a clear roadmap. edwardGalt Technologies can help you define your "success roadmap" and build a level of confidence for a path to better process and technology integration. We'll work with you to understand operational procedures, and then create the technical processes, properly document and then successfully merge them together. With over 20 years of technology experience in both hardware and software systems, we can meet with you and help define a strategy of success for your business.

PEOPLE - The investment in people is what drives success. Your employees. They are the people who work for you who will drive success. You are making an investment in the people who run your business, and we understand that! edwardGalt Technologies will work not only with key stake-holders, but also directly with the people working your systems and processes. We want to understand at every level how the operation functions so everyone can be successful. Whether we are training on new processes, or gathering information on how processes and systems could be better, it's all about working as a team together for success!

PROFIT - Let's be honest - business is about profit. If your business is not generating revenue - you are not going to be in business very long. edwardGalt Technologies can help you streamline process, define more efficient systems, help reduce or eliminate duplicative functions and have your investment do what it should do - create PROFIT! We can help you invest in technology and define or redefine a roadmap that will lead you company to success and give you the knowledge and understanding to know you are making the right moves for your future success!


You're trying to run a business, not a software development company - let us take the burden of software development and management from you, so you can direct your attention where it needs to be.


The goal of any software development project is to produce a product that is delivered on time, within the allocated budget, and with the capabilities expected by the customer. Sometimes unfortunately, this goal is not achieved. However, a properly managed project in a mature software engineering environment can consistently achieve this goal. There are three factors that define a successful project: it's properly managed, it has a competent project manager and maintains a mature software engineering environment.

What makes a project succeed?

Successful projects have

•Project Planning - Identify the scope, estimate the work and create a schedule
•Process control - Includes Communication, Risk, Compliance, Requirements, Change, Software and Release management
•Technology - Defining the needed systems for the project
•Development - The process of writing code to build systems
•Automated Testing - The use of Continuous Integration and testing scripts
•Quality Assurance - Monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality
•Release Management - The process of managing software releases from development to software release
•Deployment - The activities that make a software system available for use
•Administrative Functions - The installation, updating and troubleshooting of software
•Threat Intelligence/Penetration Testing - Threat Modeling, Security Review and Threat/Penetration Management
•Team Staffing - The staffing of the project team, including systems, business and development members

A properly managed project has a clear, communicated, and managed set of goals and objectives, whose progress is quantifiable and controlled and whose resources are used effectively to efficiently produce the desired product. When properly managed, a project usually has a communicated set of processes that cover the daily activities of the project, forming the project framework. As a result, every team member understands their roles and responsibilities and how they fit into the big picture, thus promoting the efficient use of resources. The processes also provide quantifiable feedback (metrics) with respect to process goals and objectives. Metrics provide the information necessary to assess a project's progress against a baseline project plan. Particular attention should be paid to the cost, schedule, scope, and quality aspects of a project.

edwardGalt Technologies can help design and implement a management plan you your project and software development, including helping you engage and retain the right staff. Contact us today to find out how we can help you drive success!


Our engineers are seasoned professionals in JAVA, OpenSource and Microsoft technologies. Let our experience help you develop better solutions for your business processes.


Software development is the process of developing software through successive phases in an orderly way. This process includes not only the actual writing of code but also the preparation of requirements and objectives, the design of what is to be coded, and confirmation that what is developed has met objectives.

So, we can't just hire someone who codes and just tell him what we need? We all wish it was that easy. Software development is an extremely disciplined process, and there are many decisions to be made before placing one finger on a keyboard:

- What software development process should we use ?
- What development platform should we use? How much will it cost ?
- What software framework should we consider ?
- Which platform and framework will help us reach our goal quickly ?
- How much will a team cost for that particular platform and framework ?
- How much will it cost us to maintain our software after completion ?
- How do I test my software - should we involve the business in testing ?
- Is there already a software package that we can buy ?
- Should we develop this in-house or outsource the work ?
- It's going to cost how much ??

There is a lot to consider when investing in software development. edwardGalt Technologies can assist you with asking the right questions, then formulating a plan and executing. Whether its creating web services to expose you products and services to other businesses, creating websites to manage business processes or eCommerce systems or designing new interfaces to integrate into your current legacy systems, edwardGalt Technologies has the expertise to help your reach your goals. Our experience with Java/Oracle and Microsoft platforms allows us to transverse business systems and platforms providing you the opportunity to make the best decisions for cost, execution and support of your development endeavors.

Mobile Development We can manage your mobile development for all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our development process allows edwardGalt Technologies to deliver your SmartPhone applications in all 3 platforms, managed off one code base allowing us to quickly bring your product to market, as well as deliver those key changes in codebase rapidly.

Contact us today to find out how our Development Services can streamline your business and provide a better return on your investment!



Microsoft Servers
Workflow Foundation/Management
Visual Studio5
Languages - C#, F#, VB, ASP, C, C++
Web - ASP Classic, .NET, MVC, .Net Core
Active Directory/LDAP
Source Control - VSS, TFS
Web Services - ASMX, WCF, WebAPI
MS Office Word, Excel, Access

Other Technologies

Threat Hunting/Threat Intelligence
Penetration Testing
Fraud Management
Kali Linux
Security Onion
Auditing and Risk Management
Security Compliance
HIPPA-PCI/DSS Compliance
eCommerce Development
Database Development, ETL
Systems Development
ERP - Lawson, Manhattan
Load Testing
Quality Assurance
Messaging Systems
Mobile Development - iOS, Android, Windows


Virtual Machines
Hadoop, Cassandra, Big Data


Ubuntu, SuSe, Linux/Unix
Kali Linux
MySQL, Hadoop, Cassandra
Source Control - SVN/CVS
Web Services - JAX-WS, JAX-RS


Edward Galt (CISSP, CISA, CRISC, COBIT, ITIL, Advanced Penetration Training, HIPPA, PCI/DSS, ADA 508) has over 20 years of Technology experience. In the early 90's, he began his career at Procter and Gamble as a Hardware Installation Technical Lead, installing and servicing Computer Desktop and Network Servers - gaining a lot of experience in network topologies and Wide and Local Area networks. To solve an information sharing problem, he created an internal web system for engineers to share information among the disperse facilities. Because of his continual interaction and friendships with Executives, he was the first to introduce the "Intranet" at Procter and Gamble for internal corporate use (Global Laundry).

With that technological experience, he pursued software development. Starting with Visual Basic 3.0, he moved into other languages. Not limiting himself, he engaged in understanding Microsoft Development Platforms as well as Java Development Platforms and multiple other languages used with these platforms, continually educating himself on the many languages and platforms to stay current and fresh on the latest technologies - which continues to this day.

With this technical knowledge and a keen ability to absorb and understand business process, Edward Galt has been able to excel in the development of major software systems throughout his career. Working with such companies as Dinsmore and Schohl (one of the first Legal Case Management Systems), Protocol (Data Center and eCommerce Development Management), International Paper (xpedex.com), LexisNexis (Total Patent, The world's largest Patent Search and Analytics Engine), Garretson Resolution, (Complex Claims Administration), he has developed valuable experience in developing complex systems, and with this has also gained a valuable insight to understanding business process and communication. edwardGalt Technologies has experience in such industries as Legal, Insurance, Paper, Automotive, Claims Administration and eCommerce.

Understanding how over-complicated the IT industry has become, Edward Galt started edwardGalt Technologies,LLC a company focused on providing the best technological resources and strategies, without the cost or burden of paying for another IT company's staff and overhead. Acquiring technological knowledge and resources can be expensive - at edwardGalt Technologies, we work to give you the insight and clear understanding of what you need to succeed, with a clearly mapped out strategy for you to understand.

Before you sign that expensive contract, contact edwardGalt Technologies and we'll take the time to understand your needs and help you define a clear strategy - a strategy YOU understand - so you can make a confident decision in your business's path to SUCCESS!

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